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My Story - Why Beautycounter

For those of you that know me I have suffered with my health since I was two. I had chronic yeast infections, psoraisi at 12, eating disorder and now major digestive issues. I am still in the process of healing myself from the inside out. In addition to what I do for my body physically, the older I get, the more I realize that EVERYTHING matters.

I am currently in the process of doing a deep-dive of ridding myself and my family of all of the products in my life that could be effecting my hormonal health and overall well-being. My family deserves products in our life that are not harmful to us.

The integrity of these products are so important to me that I have decided to joinnd share the amazing products of Beauty Counter. What I love about this company is their mission to not only provide amazing products, but to also change legislation. As busy women should not have to worry about what we buy being a risk to our health. It doesn't make sense to me that this is even a discussion. Thus, I want to be a part of this movement because it is a huge starting place for us moms and women to get what we deserve, products that are safe and legislation that supports us and our future. 

We can do better, we can feel better and it ALL Matters.

Beautycounter's mission and video

What makes me feel good from the inside out?

Let me tell you the honest truth. I LOVE it when I started my day with a good meditation, get in a good sweat, connect with someone or many people I love, wear a cute outfit that looks and feels good. And of course, to top it all off, when I have a little make-up on, in particular my mascara and lip gloss I feel SO much better. I will tell you it ALL matters. It all adds up to me feeling Good.

My husband and I often remind our daughter what matters most is if you FEEL GOOD. And this, my friends, is a big part of the equation. I will not give up my mission to keep healing and enjoy life along the way. Am I right?

Are you curious?

Tell me what you want you want to know? What are your favorite products that you use? Do you even know what are in the ingredients? Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ in your body? It is crazy to think about and important to know.

Why should we have to pick beauty vs. health. I believe we can have both and should have both. Check out my Beautycounter page if you are curious to learn more. Ask me any questions because I LOVE to know about your story and your why. Are you curious? You can reach me at