Gratitude for something you want before you have it + contentment

It has been a while and I am hopeful that I can crank out a quick post today because I simply feel like sharing. I cannot help but feel inspired after a good night of sleep (I slept until 8 a.m. which hasn’t happened it a long time) and some morning gratitude. I have to say a huge shift in me happened after I followed my ‘to-do’s’ in my gratitude journey I am doing yet again with Laura Burkey. She is amazing and it never fails I remember the power of gratitude while doing. In fact, I always gain something from participating in these programs.


What I wanted to share today was simply the power of gratitude before something happens. I couldn’t help but get excited about one of our assignments today. It was to make a list of ten reasons why we are grateful for something that we would really like to happen. It could be specific (example: I want to go to Italy) or general (example: my health is great and I am thriving).

I was excited about this specific focus for two reasons. The first is that I know the power of being grateful for something before it happens simply because of all the reading I have done and yoga books, etc. In fact, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite quotes from Rod Stryker “Resting in an awareness of acceptance and gratitude is could be the ideal soil for planting Intention for what you want.” I know this isn’t the same thing, but quite frankly, when I feel gratitude for something that hasn’t manifested, I feel uplifted, at ease, and clear. I ask myself, ‘why wouldn’t I want to feel these feelings?’

The second reason I was excited about this book is that I am at a point in my life where I am trying to figure out how to spend my time once my youngest (5) goes to school. There are many roles that I play right now, including mom, manager of the family, and fitness/yoga teacher. However, I will have a bit more time next year, depending how I set it up. Thus, I was able to think about that today in a way that felt free and clear. It was a lot of fun and took the stress about what it should look like etc. In fact it was uplifting and I gained a sense of knowing that it will work out just as it should. It makes me think of another quote from Abraham Hicks. She said, “you will never get all done and you will never get it wrong.” Or perhaps I cannot quote her exactly, but that is how I remember it. In fact, I couldn’t find the exact quote, but I did find this video of audio Abraham Hicks explaining more. It sometimes can seem a little over the top, but when you open up to listening to the message I always find a nugget I can take away with me. Give it a listen and see what you think.

So let’s read the message one more time! “You will never get it all done and you will never get it wrong.” This is not to say it isn’t important to have goals and focus. It is to take the pressure and the stress that we find ourselves in when we make the decisions on where to spend our time. We all have our to-do lists that include many things that help the flow of our lives: appointments, house projects, travel, work meetings, dates (hopefully), kids activities, etc. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and that not only am I running in place I am getting farther behind on everything. For example, I finally went to the dentist last week (after two years…I know gross) and it felt so good. It just didn’t work out like I used to like it (ever 6 months). But I had no cavities and all was well.

So I will leave you with two requests. First, ask yourself is there something that you would love to do or to have that has not yet manifested? Can you find a list of why you are grateful for that thing to happen? I highly recommend you do this and write it out. And if you need more support, I have been working with Laura Burkey for years now and I couldn’t be happier for her support and knowledge.

Second, can you embrace Abraham Hicks quote with your life to-dos? Can you find contentment in how much you got done today and know that you cannot get it wrong. If you planned to run the lake but slept in, can you be content with the extra sleep and know you can run tomorrow? I think the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) stems from wanting to do it all and miss nothing. When in fact, in order to live in the present and feel good in our days we must miss out on a lot so that we can in turn enjoy the present.


Cheers to finding your gratitude and ease. I know you can; and as Abraham would say, you cannot get it wrong!

In gratitude and Love,


Resting in an awareness of acceptance and gratitude for what is could be the ideal soil for planting an intention about what you want.
— Rod Stryker, Para Yoga;