Check-in Mondays!

Good day to you and happy Monday! Welcome to my first version of Check-in Mondays! The beginning of the week is always a good place to check in. It can be so beneficial to check in with yourself on how you are doing and what you can to this week to do to feel better. I used to love to grab my planner on Sunday nights to schedule my week: potentially schedule in meals, workouts, fun times and thoughts. 

I decided each Monday I am going to do a weekly check-in on the blog. This check-in is going to include a little bit of what is going on in my life and how I am thinking I can make changes to feel better. Additionally, it may include great resources, fun facts, and random things that might not fit in its own post.

The point of writing these each week is for you to get to know me a little bit better, but more importantly to inspire you to check in with yourself. Sometimes we forget to check in with ourselves because we are so busy. Self-reflection can help us to stay grounded, focused and create the week that we deserve. In addition to the weekly check–in I will also be posting weekly on Thursdays. These posts will include a variety of topics—self love, life lessons, yoga, meditation, gratitude, holiday tips and more! 

You will also start seeing the Recipe of the Month be published on the first of each month. This month’s recipe is a little late, but it was worth the wait and is perfect for October—Pumpkin Spice Carrot Muffins. Who doesn’t want (or need) to sneak veggies into their kiddos? Bonus, you can turn it into cake with some cream-cheese frosting because that always makes it even more delicious and is perfect for a fall party! I have already eaten two of these little muffins today and I am not sad.

Here is a quick summary of my intention for Check-in Mondays: 

  1. Share a bit of what is going on in my life, and what I might be trying to work on the coming week.
  2. Share any insights to how the previous week went. Learning will be happening.
  3.  Provide various resources to interesting and helpful/fun things I may have discovered the previous week.
  4. Stay connected with my readers. I want to know how you are and what you are working on should you be so inclined to share!!!

Blog schedule – Summary:

  • Check-in Mondays: posted every Monday
  • Thursday blog posts: variety of topics
  • Recipe of the Month: posted the 1st day of each month

Kristin's Check-in Monday: Oct. 9, 2016

What is going on with me this week? I realize it is almost halfway through the day and I am not very focused on the week and what I want get out of it. The busy weekends for me get tricky because we don’t really have a meal plan, calendar pow-wows or time to reflect/prepare for the coming week. This can be as simple as 30 minutes and can make a big different. Thus, this is a good reminder for me to reflect and see how things are going and how can I make choices to make me feel even better! The bonus was that last night I was asleep by 9:00 p.m. because I couldn't keep my eyes open. 

Overall my brain feels a bit scattered today; that is fairly normal for this time of the year. I have a lot of priorities that I am working on and travels coming up in the next couple weeks. In addition, I cannot help but start thinking about November and December. Yes, I am referring to the holiday season that sneaks up on us. I mention this because I often complain or say that I hate this time of year. I know that sounds so awful. It truly can get the best of me and make me so overwhelmed that I cannot keep up or see the beauty of it all.  Thus, I think if I get ahead of it this year, I might be able to feel and enjoy the true magic and point of the crazy time of year. I have more to share on that soon. I recently made a long list of post-it notes to attempt to tackle November and December, but today I will keep focused on this week. As I think about this week , despite feeling scattered, I listed below a few goals that will hopefully make a big impact on how I feel by the end of the week:

  • Sleep – I MUST sleep more. It is tied to SO much of how to feel good and for me, if I want to heal my hormones and my health challenges (and not be the “crabby mommy”) then I must sleep more.

I will go to bed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday by 9:30 p.m. This means I will be ready for bed with the kids at bedtime and can do my meditation and crawl into bed.

11 p.m. is my bedtime for Thursday, Friday and Saturday knowing I have more going on.

  • Water – I need to do even better at this. Thus, I am going to try and drink more water this week be drinking water five different times in the day and then of course when I am thirsty. Note: so far today I am 2 for 3. I guess that is a win

 Lemon water in the morning before anything, water before lunch and after lunch, before and after dinner. The goal is 80 oz. of water.

  • Gratitude – I will start each day with 5 things I am grateful for and why. And then I will end each night with gratitude. My coach Laura Burkey’s gratitude journey that I did last fall changed my life and the way I see the world. Thus, I know if I focus on that everything will be better!
  • Food – ah, food. Okay, so I go in a million directions on this. One moment I say, “I will listen to my body,” and the next moment I say, “I need to make a food plan because not knowing is creating stress.” Or I just say “f-it” because as I have mentioned before, I had meal planning and doing the food thing. So then I just feel like I am punting. Even as I type this I think to myself, how can I make this one focus on me feeling better?? Oh, and by the way, I usually HATE the phrase “listen to your body” and have a blog post that I will be sharing with you soon on this. So here is my plan:

Actually eat breakfast and lunch. Actually EATING! What does this mean? Often I am so busy with the kids that I eat “enough” by just grabbing something while I am taking care of them. This is a problem because often times it isn’t a lot of food even though I am often hungry in the morning and I am not present. And then I just graze on and off all day. And it is as though I am not ever eating, but I am always eating. Have you ever been there?

Prepping breakfast the night before

I will cook one batch of soup or a one-pot something that include protein and veggies. Maybe a lentil soup with veggies? Crap, what will that be? Last week it was butternut squash soup and it helped a ton (and I made it at 7 a.m.). 

  • Breathe and be present. I am going to put the phone down and breath and be present. I will check in with if I am being present or kind to my kids, or how am I really feeling? And if I am tired maybe I will choose a rest instead of pushing myself like I am so good at doing.
  • No swearing in front of the kids. This is a late add, but it is necessary. For those of you that know me understand this is a problem. I am not judging anyone, but when I swear I am usually angry too and it just doesn't feel good. I think I am going to make a chart since my oldest has been calling me out on it, yikes!

My own challenge with setting my weekly intention is that I want it all and want to have a very long list.  The problem with that is I feel like I have failed by Tuesday or Wednesday and it doesn’t serve it’s purpose. As I look above I think I could be even more specific on my weekly goals/intentions, but this is a good start for this week.

Now it is your turn!

What do you want out of your week? Do you have time scheduled in for you? Do you have healthy food that you can eat at meals or snacks? Do you have a water bottle ready to help hydrate you? Are you staying up watching Twitter or Facebook with the ugly political scene or looking at what your friends did this weekend? (I have no idea what that might feel like, but my friend told me it is a time suck). Could you cut yourself off a little early and journal or plan and reflect for this week or even just sleep a little more? Does your plan prepare you to feel good?

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Pumpkin Spice Carrot Muffins on the blog, especially if you are like my family and totally sick of all of our food options. You won't be sorry. 

Have an amazing week!

In love, light and gratitude,