How I got started with Young Living Essential Oils

My Essential Oil Journey All Started When...

My beautiful sister dropped off a variety of essential oil samples at my doorstep about six years ago when my little girl was sick. I was clueless at what she was even talking about or how these essential oils would help. If I remember correctly we were dealing with some fall virus that was not going away--you know the high fever, baby that doesn't sleep, that cannot breathe and doesn't eat very well, and of course the parents that aren't sleeping because of it all? Not to mention the worry of wondering if the sickness will this ever end. Once you are a couple days in with sleep deprivation and worries high, it doesn't take much to wonder if your kid is ever going to get better and if you will ever sleep (or have any fun again). 

My first introduction to essential oils that night and each subsequent time my sister would drop off a new batch of essential-oil samples when someone was sick at my house I began to quickly notice the benefits. And each time I became less skeptical and more interested. I finally bought my first kit three years later from Young Living shortly before my son was born; you can say that I have never looked back. 

Personal Stories: How Young Living Products have positively impacted my life 

Avoiding Antibiotics and full-blown mastitis

One story that I think of vividly was shortly after my son was born. He was about 4-weeks old and I thought I was on top of the world and likely pushed myself too hard; I was doing too much too soon for my healing. The good old plugged breast duct was happening in my world and I was very familiar with this now after having a bad case of mastitis with my daughter around the exact age (in fact it was my birthday and I was VERY sick). The doctors of course put me on very strong antibiotics and it helped a lot, but the quality of my health and new-found food sensitivities and gut health did not serve me well. In fact, about seven years later I am still on the quest to heal my gut from that batch of antibiotics (and likely others from when I was young). 

So what is the point of this long-winded story? Well, as soon as I had symptoms this time I decided I am going to beat this naturally. What did I do? I used hot packs and went back and forth between Lavender and Oregano to try to kill any infection in there. Perhaps Oregano was too strong and contraindicated (I am actually not sure), but I figured for the health of my overall body and sanity I MUST AVOID a full-blown infection and antibiotics. Additionally, I pumped up my probiotics, took sunflower lecithin and more vitamin D. I also increased my water and tried to feed more, especially on the troubled side. Oh, and let's not forget the feeding the baby essentially up-side down in order to get the side of the breast to open up (there is something about where the chin is in relation to the plugged duct). Anyway, I think of this story often because with the combination of all of the remedies, including the essential oils I was able to get through it and not need antibiotics. And this story is just one of the many times myself or my kiddos have avoided taking antibiotics because of the essential oils.

Kicking a 5-day plus fever with my 2-year old

Last spring my son had a fever that would NOT go away and my sister, again, dropped off a bottle of Frankincense and I used it on him and thieves every 15-20 minutes. I am not joking I would set a time and I went at it. Disclaimer, I am not a doctor or am I suggesting HOW you use your essential oils, I am just sharing my own story. I will say that by morning his fever broke and we were looking better. I often notice the fever drops when I use Frankincense and I just LOVE this oil. 

Sanitizing for the win with Thieves Cleaner

This winter (both in December and February) we got hit with the stomach bug AND the influenza. I am sure some of you moms and dads know exactly what mode you get in when someone is throwing up at your house? Sanitize mode! That is right, you pull out the Lysol or Bleach and get after it. You don't want everyone else in the house to suffer and you are ready for it to be gone. That is exactly what I do, but ever since I was introduced to the Thieves Cleaner, I use that to sanitize everything! And this winter, somehow my daughter missed ALL of the sickness and I missed the influenza too. I was not so lucky with the barfs, but then you can't win them all right?? 

Thieves cough drops and my sore throats

Just two days ago I woke with a bad sore throat out of nowhere. Ever since I had mono in middle school a sore throat and swollen glands is my first symptom to know that I might be going down with a sickness. As soon as I woke I found my Thieves Cough Drops and my Thieves and Frankincense oils. I sucked a cough drop and lubed myself up where I had the pain and put Thieves on my feet to boost my immune system. Only a couple of hours later it was gone. Yippee. Of course had note taken care of myself and gotten good sleep that night you never know what my body would do, but the support of Thieves on this day helped me again, with a big WIN, avoiding the spring sickness.

In summary, I am passionate about Young Living essential oils because of how they have positively impacted my families health. From the time I was a little girl I have had health issues that were directly related to my gut health (unknown to my parents at the time). Being armed with various natural remedies empowers me each day to take care of me and know that I CAN heal in various ways. As I have mentioned I am healing my gut and deal with psoriasis (since I was in middle school). Additionally, I have numbness in my arms and hands sometimes with joint pain and various Young Living Oils have eased the suffering as well. 

Why Young Living

I truly believe that the quality of the oils and products I use matters. I believe 100% in the quality of Young Living's products. See their Seed to Seal video and mission statement below. 

What might you need in your life?

I share my stories with you because it inspires me to be empowered and take natural living up a notch in my life. Especially after I became a mom I began to think about every variable in our life that has an impact on the health of my children. Insert Young Living Products. I can avoid antibiotics, boost our immune system, boost our moods by diffusing, help with sleep, sanitize my house chemical free and more!

So I ask you this: Where in your life are you challenged or might need a boost? Here are a few specific questions you might ask yourself:

1. What is something that is hard for me in my life? For example, you may struggle having energy and it challenges your every-day living. Young Living has essential oils and products to support you on that.

2. What is one wellness goal that you have for you personally?

3. What is one thing you want to do to improve your family or your life? 

My Challenge For You

If you have been on the edge of thinking about trying an essential oil or  Young Living Product, don't wait! Look at the answers to your above questions and reach out to me to get samples. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing the products with you and what I know. I believe there is something for everyone. You won't be sorry for asking. I am here to support you and I I am a part of an amazing Young Living team that would also be an amazing resource for you should you decide to sign up and buy a kit.

If you are ready to buy a kit

If you are ready to buy a kit and dive right in click here.

Want to learn more?

Let me know what questions you have. I can be contacted at or my contact page.

It all Matters!

Here's to feeling better from the inside out!!

40 day look back and forward (Everyone is behind too!)—Check in Monday, Nov. 21, 2016

I don't know about you, but I have felt behind on literally everything the last couple weeks. As you can see this post for this Monday check-in arrives on Tuesday. Each year in Sept/October I devise a plan. i feel so smart and strategic; it is almost as though I have figured it out. I think to myself, "this year I am not going to be behind during the holidays and this year I am going to love them because I am going to alleviate all of the stress and do everything early. By December I will be making Christmas cookies, hanging out with friends, going to yoga and maybe even picking up a craft at the craft store!" How about it right? In theory this seems amazing and doable. However, in reality this is never the case. And yes, there is a rare group of people that execute everything early and are amazing at this, in fact they likely thrive in this environment. If that is you, damn you are awesome and if you are willing to share your tips I am all ears. I might even send you a gift in return because I can use all of the help I can get. But what I am hearing among my friends, family and even students in my classes is that their lists are long too! They are behind and feel like they are letting everything slide. And, my friends, I am a full-time stay-at-home mom a lot more than I spend time teaching classes or working on my business. Even with that extra time I am behind!

So what is a girl to do? The words that comes to mind are surrender and soften. As I say to my yoga students, relax your face and jaw and even your mind. Can you loosen your grip on this list and know that maybe everyone else feels the same way and that if it all doesn't get done, well, tomorrow will come? I sometimes think if I just do an extra push, skip the yoga practice or the sleep I will catch up, but then I become tired or angry and depleted. It is no fun and it never works. I think secretly I thrive on adrenaline (another reason I am likely in a continual fight with my adrenals), but that is not the point of today's post. My point is this, instead of focus on the long list of what is left to do or what you haven't gotten to yet, what if we just smile and nod because we are not alone and perhaps everyone is behind too? And what if instead of look at our lists, what if we look back?

Not too long ago my six-year old daughter reminded us, "there are 50 days left in the calendar year." I remember when she said this I am sure my eyeballs popped out of my head because for sure I could see my dream of having it all done so I could bake cookies quickly slip away. The same day she shared this I was on a run and I had this huge aha-moment. Are you ready for this (you might want to sit down for this)? What if we start to look back at the last year now, instead of wait until the New Year is quickly upon us? We all know that in a month's time social media will be flooded with all the various ways to reflect on last year and set the perfect resolution for next year. Right (insert head nod)? 

This week I am challenging myself and YOU to do the same. We have 40 days exactly until the New Year! Get a pen and paper (or your phone and open up the notepad). Do it now, you won't be sorry. Think about the last year and make a list of all the successes, little and big that you have have accomplished this year. If you are anything like me you may have days, weeks, and moments that you are continually doing everything you can to strive to be better and you are SO hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect and we all have tough days, weeks and months. But I am sure that you have moments that you have forgotten that you kicked ass at something. It can be anything that you are proud of whether it is at home or work or you overcoming something that was harder than you ever imagined on your heart and soul. But here you are, today, reading this blog. If you haven't grabbed your paper, please do it now. 

A live smile shot for you (see lists in background) :) 

A live smile shot for you (see lists in background) :) 

When I got this idea on my run I began to do it immediately in my head of course. Prior to the run I was feeling hard on myself because I was behind on everything: my house was a disaster, I was planning another class at the last minute, I felt like I wanted my business to be moving faster than it was, and I still didn't fit in my clothes or make enough healthy food. And then this came to me. Why not focus on what you have done amazing at? As soon as I started to go through my memory lane of 2016 I began to curl my lips up and smile. My smile was so big as I continued the exercise (in my head) that I even noticed the strangers I passed smile back at me. I am sure they could feel my joy and pride coming from me as I jogged slowly by. I felt so grateful for my run now because not only did I get away from the shit show at home, but I also was able to create a huge shift in my perspective. I no longer felt frustrated with my said list (that is now longer), but I felt proud of how far I had come. Was everything perfect? Hell no. But, I had little and big moments I was proud of, and that kept me going on my run. And looking back and feeling proud and grateful  keeps me going on my list and simply showing up in my life as mom and my dreams.

Here is my stab at it - My 2016 reflections: 

  • I started my website and blog. I had been ghost blogging in a folder on my desktop for years and I finally put myself out there and did it. This desire came deep from my soul; I created a sankalpa (resolution in sanskrit). In less than 12 months my resolution was a reality. Not too shabby for someone that is technically challenged. Seriously, sometimes I cannot even google things and not get confused. Reading this makes me think...why have I not created a solid sankalpa again? Indeed that is happening next week. Should I add it to the list? :) 
  • I hired a life coach to continue my healing heart and eating disorder. I continued to feel lost and struggled a lot in many areas. This investment in me was a huge blessing and of course makes me feel vulnerable because it costs money and it is clearly saying, I need the support of not just me. I knew I couldn't do it alone and for this I am proud to say has changed my life. Thank you Laura Burkey!
  • I started teaching barre in February of 2016. I fell in love with the format shortly after I had my son at a time when I felt more disconnected to my body than I had ever been (in particular my core). I completed the Barre Training through Blooma the fall of 2015 and made my dream of teaching a new format that I was passionate about become a reality. I still remember how much I was in my head my first mock-class. Prepping for that was a ton of work, but if you don't put yourself out there, well, you will simply keep watching. 
  • I completed a yoga weekend training with Rod Stryker and stayed in a hotel for two nights away from the family! I loved the training, the people and friendships, but being way from my family helped me feel free! I missed them terribly but It was the first time I was away since my son was born (he turned three in September). 
  • I decided against running any long races. That is right, I LOVE running races in the spring, summer and fall and despite my strong desire to pick up the miles and run more I listened to my intuition. I knew my adrenals still felt pretty depleted and the best thing for me was to run the lake when I could and look forward to a race at a different time in my life. I guess you could call this listening to my body (even though I resist this term-read here). 
  • I enrolled in Rod Stryker's Vinyasa Krama: The Energetics of Sequencing online training and I am currently working on this with my dharma sister. It is a big commitment and I am learning a lot. I cannot wait to apply what I am learning to my practice, life and teaching. 
  • I created a "happy summer!" for my kiddos. Well, it wasn't all Mary-Poppins, but I feel like I tried to create memories and love. The funny story is that about 30-minutes into summer break I was so flipping annoyed that as I walked away from the kids in my attempt to not yell I couldn't hold back any longer and I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Happy Summer!" I was so mad, but couldn't help but joke around later and make my unnecessary drama a joke to lighten the mood. I suppose this was a good lesson for my kids to see right? 
  • I went on an airplane for the first time by myself AND rented a car. I drove through San Francisco out to wine country for a short commute of almost three hours all by myself! I felt like a badass because it was totally out of my comfort zone. But I did it with the help of my yoga breathing and my Young Living Peace and Calming. 
  • Oh, did I mentioned that fed my kids many snacks, meals, gave baths, wiped tears and more! Yup, it all adds up right? I think I even got them check-ups at the doctor and dentist.
  • Finally, I say that I am sorry when I suck as a mama. I think, for my own parenting style, that works for me. I always want my kids to feel like we are a team and being human is a reality. Love and kindness win in my world. 

I am so very grateful for this list and for the perspective of being proud of what I have done and how I continue to show up and do my very best each day. I know I can feel even better than I do now, but I know it isn't by tackling my list and being ahead of it all. Rather, it is more about the perspective that I choose to have. It is about pausing and reflecting. It is about being proud of what I have done and of how I have grown from the moments I am not proud of or things that didn't go as I had hoped. God knows my list will maybe get short when my kids are out of the house and that is not something I wish for. In fact, I long for a way to slow down how they are getting older. I long for my ability to able to truly be present with them and not think about what I am not getting done. Yes, that happens to me a lot and I wonder..."am I truly ever present with this little gifts that live under my house?" The answer to that is yes and no, but again I am not going for perfection.

So this Thanksgiving week I am curling my lips up and I am smiling! Not because I have a long list of accomplishments but because I was true to myself and I know in my heart I am so darn determined to continue to do everything I can to shine as bright as I can. I know that taking care of me so that I can truly be my best version of me is the only thing in my control. And I know the world needs all of us to dig into that place. The yogi in me knows that this light is there in all of us, even when we are down and don't know it. We always have access to it.

My friends, you ALL deserve to smile and be proud and say, "I am amazing and I am enough!"  

Have you started your list? Can you jot down the list and say good job to you? Give thanks to the YOU that you are. We need each and everyone of you...exactly as you are! Happy Thanksgiving week.

Sending you so much love, light and gratitude,