Today I...

It has been a while since I have written. I have drafted a post a few times sharing why the break in writing/posting, but nothing seemed clear or right. I am thankful for the time to pause and dig into my life, my blessings, and my healing heart. I have a lot to share with you in the coming weeks and thank you for reading. 

However, to start, I want to share my inspirational writing for the day—It  is a snapshot of what is in my heart in this present moment: TODAY. 


Today I teach because if I don't believe in myself now, I will never do what I love—inspire people to show up for them and love love love.

Today I workout and sweat not because I have extra weight on me, but because I CAN!! I am so lucky! 

Today I went slow during our morning routine and decided to care a lot less. The result: no yelling, light-hearted kids and love! 

Today I dream big because my soul is stirring and healing. There is a deep knowing in my heart that all I need is to keep listening, keep breathing and show up! Essentially live and breathe my dharma code (my soul's purpose)! 

Today I am grateful for the pause of writing and sharing because I have healed greatly and feel so ready to share! Again, maybe with more writing I will talk less at home (my hubby might like that). :) 

Today I meditate because tapping into my inner calm is critical to living a vibrant and happy life.

Today I forgive myself for not being a perfect mom, wife, or anything because it isn't about being perfect and is more about showing up each day, being curious and determined to live a full life with gratitude and love!

Today I am inspired by ALL of my teachers: my mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, husband, kids, bosses, co-workers, yoga and fitness teachers and all that I come in contact with; because we each have a story and something to learn from one another.

Today I let go of what I 'should' do and lean into what I 'want' to do or what will make me feel good. And this isn't drinking ten cups of coffee or ignoring my responsibilities. This slight shift is making a big difference in my days.

Today I choose to live my practice and find kindness and love in all that I do. As Rod Styker helped us understand (April 2016 Mpls training) from the ancient Yoga text, Gheranda-samhita, "The Divine in all things and all things divine." Indeed I like this perspective, it just feels right.

Today I choose to be me 100% of the time and drop into the present moment with my breath and intention. 

And today, I am excited to start posting thoughts, stories, and recipes on the blog. There is more to come...a post on "The Pain of Not Practicing," "Easy Gluten-Free pancakes" and more! 

If we are NOT fully ourselves, truly in the present moment, we miss everything.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

What are you doing today? What helps you to feel present, to be grateful and feel alive? I would love to hear. May your day and weekend be filled with blessings and happiness. Thank you for being you!

In love, light and gratitude,