You are Ready to Order Young Living Essential Oil Products - Here is How

There are two ways you can start with Young Living Essential Oils: you can be a Member or a Retail Customer. What is the difference you ask? The answer is simple. When you become a Member you have access to 24% off the retail price (also referred to as the wholesale price); when you purchase as a Retail Customer you are paying the full retail price. 

When you become a Member you get started through ordering one of Young Livings starter kits. They are great value and the best value (and the way I got started) was with the Premium Starter Kit. I love this because you get access to $300 plus dollars of Young Living Product for a cost of only $160.

Quick recap of Why Become a Member?

  1. You get to start with one of their awesome Premium Starter kits and access $300 plus in product for only $160
  2. You get access to a 24% discount on orders going forward, and
  3. You qualify to participate in the Essential Rewards program and earn FREE products!

Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Starter Kit has 11 essential oils and you get to choose from four different diffusers (as pictured below)! Additionally, it includes various samples to put in your purse and share, a rollerball for your bottles, product guide and two packets of the delicious Ningxia Red!  

Retail Orders

Should you choose to want to order at the retail price and not become a member it is super easy. Just click here and select "retail." Search for the products that you would like to purchase.  

Why Young Living?

I feel proud and confident in the products that Young Living offers and believe in their quality. Young Living is unique because of their "Seed to Seal Process" that ensures a pure and authentic product. Here is an excerpt from Young Living's website:


Young Living is proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of our oils through our unique Seed to Seal process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, we apply rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.

Click here for more information and videos of their Seed to Seal Process and more information on why I stand behind their products! As they say, "It's not just a slogan—it's our calling."

Questions You Might Have

Question: Can I just order one oil and not become a member?

Answer: Yes, you can absolutely just order one oil at a time. You have two options. Option 1 you can join and become a member by ordering a kit, like the premium kit above and get 24% off of the retail price. Or you can order Young Living oils and products retail online here. 

Question: Do I have to order each month if I become a member?

Answer: No, you do not need to order each month. When you order a kit you are not signing up for a monthly order. To keep your 24% discount all you need to do is make one order in your 12-month period of 50 PV (usually it is $50 in cost). However, if you would like to order monthly you are eligible for the Essential Rewards loyalty program where you earn points for FREE product!

Question: By signing up does that mean I have to sell the Young Living Products?

Answer: No, by signing you are not required to sell the Young Living Products. Again, it simple gives you access to 24% of the retail price. However, if you would like to make a small or large check each month you can choose to share the oils and earn money. 

Question: Am I eligible for FREE products when I order the Kit? Or Should I add anything else to my first order?

Answer: Yes, you are eligible for the Young Living Monthly promotions when you order your first kit. If there is anything else you are interested in at the time you order your kit it would be a great time to add it because your PV value will be already at 100PV. Some of my favorites that I encourage friends/family to try are the Thieves product lines. My favorites are the Thieves cleaner, Thieves veggie wash, and the Thieves cough drops. I also love the Deep Relief for body pain and aches! My list could go on and on. 

My Young Living Essential Oil Story

To read more about how I got started with Young Living click here and read my blog post! I have owe a big thanks to my sister for introducing me and making my life better with their products!