As a woman in my 30's I can close my eyes and actual feel like I am a tween or a teenager again. It was that awkward transition into childhood and realizing I am now becoming an adult. It was filled with raw emotions, feelings, uncertainty, doubt, exciting and constant change. It was as if one minute I would feel like I had it all figured out and the a fast shift that propelled more questioning and uncertainty. The words I used to use to speak to myself internally and on paper in my journals still cut at me deep in my core. "I am a fat ugly blob." Wow, that is intense. And that was just the beginning and the surface of my struggles. Twenty plus years later I am seeing clarity that I was anything from that. I had potential and integrity and strength and courage. I was smart and fun and cute and playful. I was determined and passionate and loving and daring. I was enough then and darn it, I am enough now! 

Because of these memories and the suffering I feel, in all of my heart, that may have not been so deep in my life, I have created this part of the blog. This is a place for teens to connect with other teens and know they ARE. NOT. ALONE. It is a place to share what are some of the major challenges that are real right now, in the lives of teens living in this crazy, digital-filled and fast-moving world. It is a place to find resources that help ground you in your soul as a young person alive right now. This place is here to plant big and small seeds in your soul that keep you going, taking one foot in front of the other and love yourself on your journey. What do you want to do in life? What is deep in the core of your being? Do you believe in yourself? Are you struggling with anxiety and depression? Whatever it is that brought you to this page, I am here to tell you...YOU DESERVE TO FEEL BETTER or if you feel awesome...LET'S KEEP KICKING ASS AND HOLD EACH OTHER UP BY CREATING THIS AMAZING COMMUNITY!